Remember, two and a half years ago, when this was a real headline at Bloomberg?

“Are Index Funds Communist?”

(Hint: the answer is no)

A country that leaves 100 of thousands of their own employees without pay over a president that wants a wall IMHO isn’t modern and isn’t worth being respected.

I have to reluctantly agree with Theresa May. Ruling out No Deal isn’t possible given her current stance that revoking Article 50 isn’t an option and a isn’t on the table. Self-inflicted chaos.

lessons for project/product managers, software architects not only in the startup space. Oh, and all of this defaults to use that is well supported. Stuff we at know a few things about ;)

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Super Micro audit complete, including servers supplied to Apple: no spy chips found as claimed in Bloomberg report - Appears to have been a Smear Campaign by Entities Unknown #supermicro

“Note that the NoSQL database server is not included in RHEL 8.0 Beta because it uses the Server Side Public License (SSPL).” Thank you,

Having a no-photography policy in a (publicly funded) museum somehow defeats its purpose IMHO.

I can understand and support a no-flash policy to protect light-sensitive exhibits.

But a general no-pix policy should not be acceptable.

At Twitter HQ: “So we gave our users what they want - a more or less chronological timeline” “yeah, let’s revert that automagically and offer a weird button in the app to make it possible but harder to return to what they want. And only for some undefined time. Because we CAN!”

Speaker John Bercow shouting “Order, Order” makes for an excellent ringtone IMHO.

“Brussels will have to renegotiate now that May failed to get support and we thus are in a much better position” is somewhere between “look, a squirrel” and “nananananaaaanaaaaah” on the logic scale.

I’m sorry to say this. I really am. But IMHO the UK has proven again that they are not able to deliver . Stop this madness. Revoke article 50. Stay in the EU. Time’s up. Do what’s best for the people. ASAP.

Watching UK parl livestream. It really feels like that slow train wreck we always use as a metaphor.

Is that shaving foam on your face or are you mad at for asking you to be better at being manly?

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