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German lawyers - is YouTube-dl, an open source solution to download and save (this copy) videos compatible with EU law or in violation? cc

Funny, how people criticise Borat for making Kazachstan look bad instead of being ashamed of what the mirror shows he holding in their faces.

Leave it to markets and you have the US numbers. Leave it to authoritarianism and you have the close to zero numbers in China. Find a decent approach based on solidarity and responsibility and you’re not the worst. No matter how you spin it, capitalism doesn’t solve pandemics.

Hallo - Test Theresienwiese war Mittwoch, 17:40 Uhr. Bis heute kein Ergebnis. Was habe ich falsch gemacht? cc

People are good. But not all good people have the energy for social networks. Bad people however love to be on them. So be good. And go help out there instead of fighting trolls and uncles here.

A few weeks ago there was a feminist street art festival in Munich. Today I finally managed to take pictures. Call me impressed. 1 of I guess 3.

Today I was a good friend. Who knows, soon I might even be a good partner for someone else.

When being anal about correct numbers actually changes the policy of a big city like Munich. I like.

The country to best manage still seems to be China. Sure, you can question their numbers but many other countries too are not really transparent. do you have more details on China nowadays?

Heute meldet das RKI über 14000 neue Infizierte. Aber mit diesem Disclaimer:

Winter is coming. Which for me means to buy a new pot of good ole Vaporub. It soothes me and yes, I’m addicted to the smell :)

And the people need to understand this is a time to come together and stand together. We can tolerate a few ignorant idiots, but we need to support the rules with an overwhelming majority to get through this. Thank you all for listening.

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In conclusion. Germany needs more unification. More solidarity. More clear rules that people understand and follow. General, strict rules with local relaxation where the numbers allow it. And where returning to the general rule is automatic when the numbers rise.

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One of these little stories is about Bavarian MP Markus Söder criticising the App as not being good enough. While at the same time, the big testing center in Munich, the capital of Bavaria still is NOT connected to the app for delivering results to tested people.

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Again, compared to our neighbours, we are still doing less worse where a week ago we actually did better. Exponential growth is a deceiving thing. (Per million, 7 day average)

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