Funny how countries with authoritarian tendencies are flooding my timeline with tourism ads. I’m looking at you, , , .

Dear @Mastodon is there a feature planned to add a comment to a boost? Would be very useful IMHO.

Dear @PixelFed (is that the official account?) and is there a to bridge somewhere?

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German Parliament has just decided that all children and personnel in schools and kindergarten MUST be vaccinated against from next year on. (article in German)

Wow. Truly epic, I agree. "I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city"

"ok boomer. Soll das dann auch für Kindergeld gelten?"

I woke up after a dream where Boris Johnson nominated Nigel Farage as EU commissioner after the UK election. nightmares.

20191114 Update: Am 28.11. soll es bei den M365 Klon "DocGreen ESA 5000 EKFV" (ABE P045) für 299€ geben. Guter Preis für Scooter mit 7.2Ah Akku IMHO.

BroCon (n) A short way to describe a conference with only male speakers. Typically also means 95+% male audience.

20191113 Update 2: via : verkauft generalüberholte ES200G für 699€ mit Versicherungsgutschein und 12 Monate Gewährleistung. Danke für den Hinweis!

20191113 - Update: Nicht so richtig viel. ABE P058 für blu:s Stalker XT950/LuXXon XR350 erteilt, aber klar, vergriffen, neuer Liefertermin Dezember. Alle Infos wie immer unter

The late always said this. "The data suggests that toxic employees drive other employees to leave an organization faster and more frequently" Read his book "Social Architecture".

I have been asked many times if would influence our Open Source Way. It will not. And here’s proof. Of course we open sourced . We are still :)

building a battery factory in is Elon Musk showing german car manufacturers that times are changing, to put it mildly.

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