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NRW: Plant 50 Millionen € an Karnevalsvereine zu geben.
Bayern: 50 Millionen € für Lüftungsgeräte in Schulen und Kindergärten beschlossen.

Hello everyone. When you leave your place, please . Thank you!

I’m thinking of leaving Munich and moving somewhere else. Where do you think I should go?

Should we have a vaccine in limited amounts in a few months, it should be given to those we clapped for. The nurses. The doctors. The truckers. The people at the supermarkets. People like me, who can WFH, we should be the last in line. It’s really simple.

That I, a 50 year old European, would experience a time where a US presidential election could be doubted. Weird.

When I see someone who doesn’t 😷 in places where they must, my inner picture is of me informing them and others about that mistake. Like this.

I have just, for the first time in my life, filed an appeal against my income tax decision. I am quite nervous about it and hope it will not cause a lot of trouble. There’s a first time got everything, I guess. I’ll try to catch some sleep now.

Today 5290 new keys were distributed to the German app. Total checked keys today is 96311. # of keys is NOT number of infected people sharing their diagnosis with the app. More details and insights at


Eine in 54 Gaststätten und Restaurants während die 7 Tages Inzidenz in bei 54(!) liegt - das hat schon was vom Zündeln mit einem Flammenwerfer IMHO.

Laut hat eine 7 Tages Inzidenz von 45,7. Laut Stadt selbst ist es aber 54,17. Warum? Ein „IT Fehler“. Peinlich.

Um unter der 50er Marke zu kommen, muss die 7 Tages Summe unter 719 gehen. Heute ist sie 793. morgen fallen 54 vom letzen Samstag raus, also selbst wenn es 0 neue Infektionen heute gibt, bleibt München auch morgen über 50.

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Plot twist: “Fehler in der IT”. liegt jetzt bei satten 54,16 in der 7 Tages Inzidenz. 130 neue Infektionen.

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Last time we broke through the 50 mark, it took us a month to get under it again. From 2030-03-20 until 2020-04-19.

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Today the 7 day incidence rate in rose to 54,16. We are at exponential growth with a rate of 10%. So doubling of infections every 7 days. There is still a big party going on today in Munich to make up for the fact that Oktoberfest was cancelled. I am not happy.

Na, da hat ja wieder so richtig Glück! Das LGL sagt 7 Tages-Inzidenz geht runter auf 45,74 weil es irgendwie gar keine neuen Infektionen gibt! Super, oder? Und morgen arbeitet das LGL nicht also gilt due Zahl auch für Sonntag. Fein!

I’ll try to setup a git hook that automagically adds a tweet and/or toot on after publishing a new entry, so that discussions/comments can happen there. I’m sure someone else already did such a thing but I fail to find it.

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A future where we truly own our content and can leave centralised platforms of any kind. I’d be happy to help should you want to try. The future is decentralised IMHO. 2/2

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