Sue 100+ companies over patent infringement with patents they themselves value at $1. Explain to me again why using the term “Patent Troll” is wrong.

No matter how successful ApplePay and GooglePay will be in Germany, you will always need cash. 1€. For the shopping cart in the supermarket.

Le sigh. has designed a new license that doesn’t allow you to use their code in a setup, relicenses parts of their platform to that new license which IMHO isn’t . Cc

The city of has won in court against . Airbnb must now hand over names and addresses of all landlords renting out rooms for more then 8 weeks per year. Good!

The blame game will start again now. It will all be the EU’s fault.

Why do I need to wait 20 minutes, !

Idea: where not difficulty adapts to available hashrate but instead timeslices for hashing/PoW are distributed. So a more or less stable hashrate.

Oh, because I saw this fake news story being shared: No, test in the Netherlands did NOT kill 500 birds. How do people even think that would be possible?

Well, , as always your shipping company DHL Express will fail to deliver on time. The parcel hasn’t even cleared customs and chances that they deliver today are zero. Thanks, I guess? Every. Time. The. Same. Story.

so: IT-Fachkräftemangel! 82.000 offene Stellen! Einer der Gründe: Zu hohe Gehaltsforderungen! Ich so: Nennt sich Marktwirtschaft, stupid! Angebot und Nachfrage! Qualität kostet halt.

is so wonderful that at every step the PM responsible steps away from it, the toxic present that keeps on giving.

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