Dear UK, here's how to get a long delay for : Revoke Article 50, stay a member, admit you cannot get it done. We, the rest of the EU, would support this move. But do it fast. Clock's ticking.

Do you remember when UK politics actually meant something for the people? When it was not a downward spiral of madness defined by populism? It’s a failed state IMHO.

Did you read Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart yet? You should.

When the CEO AND the EMEA GM Werner Knoblich open the New Hire Orientation in the office, it’s quite a good start of the week :)

Both the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) and the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) of , the crashed Boeing 737-8 MAX have been successfully read out by BEA in France.

People more or less praising the killer for his “comprehensive media strategy” - you are sick. Without empathy. You are enablers.

Hallo @StadtMuenchen , kurze Frage. Wie soll ich es schaffen mich fristgerecht innerhalb von 14 Tagen umzumelden, wenn euer Onlinesystem mir *frühestens* einen Termin am 12. Juni(!) anbietet?

One failed after the other, but asking for a is undemocratic. UK logic.

Can we stop calling people that use Freedom of Movement in the EU immigrants? In a transnational union this term makes no sense anymore.

What really frightens me about the crash of the 737-8 MAX is that it seems to have fallen straight out of the sky and fully disintegrated. Just a big hole in the ground.

Please . It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

TBH - long term are far more important than for us EU citizens.

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