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PSA - I use the content warning feature only as an exception. I have been informed that parts of the use this feature much more often. If you rely on cw for the majority of toots in your timeline, you should NOT follow me. This should be a safe space for you in whatever way you prefer to use it. If you rely on cw for that, I am NOT a good candidate to follow. Thx.

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It took me a few years, but Blessed be the Org, the Com and the Net. I finally got them all three back again, in honour of the late and our little project that we founded 2009 at FOSDEM :)

Hat die jetzt schon nen Gesundheitsminister benannt? Wäre so langsam schon mal wichtig, oder?

, who helped spread Alpha last year by letting tourists enter freely while other countries closed their borders, is doing it *again* with . No checks at the airport, ski resorts opened. Le sigh, Switzerland. Le sigh. Remember this from last year?

Wenn „ich war ins Fernsehen und durfte was sagen“ wichtiger ist als Politik zu machen.

Was der zuständige Minister (Verkehr?) SOFORT machen muss: Bahn und Verkehrsbetriebe zwingen die Beförderungsbedingungen anzupassen. Beförderung nur mit gültigem Fahrausweis *und* 3G Nachweis. Schon kann kontrolliert und bestraft werden. Ohne Bundespolizei etc. Zack!

Hallo Herr Für sie und interessant. Echtes, striktes 2G (sogar ohne Plus) kann bis zu 8 von 10 Ansteckungen verhindern. Ohne Lockdown. Und striktes, echtes 2G können sie schon jetzt anordnen. Für Bayern. Machen!

Eigentlich einfach. Striktes 2G würde bis zu 8 von 10 Infektionen verhindern. Ohne Lockdown. Weil Ungeimpfte an 8-9 von 10 Infektionen beteiligt sind.

Ja. Ich bin der Party Pooper. An diesem 1. Advent wurden 104 Kerzen gelöscht. .

As expected. Lateral flow tests for reliably detect the new variant too. Real life test of confirmed Omicron case in Germany.

If your personal blog uses static pages and you are satisfied with just getting stuff out, resisting the urge to bother yourself with traffic analysis and all that jazz - you don’t need cookies, you don’t need account management, you can just write and share.

I‘m not going have my mental health destroyed by all you clickbaiters, fear porn, doomsday people, that „social“ media algorithms promote. I‘m out. I did all I can to be as safe as possible. I’m now going to enjoy the good things. And you, vaccinated people, should too. 2/2

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I am vaccinated. I have my booster. I wear FFP3 masks. I avoid indoor gatherings. I trust science. I don’t trust politicians in Germany. I don’t trust people I don’t really know to be vaccinated or just lying about it. BUT. 1/2

Going out on a limb: will be of no greater risk of causing severe symptoms than - for vaccinated people.

Mild symptoms. Immune escape unlikely. might not be the overhyped threat the clickbaiters hope.

Don’t look too much at the shiny new variant, of which we know far too less yet. Focus on our known attacker, Delta. .

The variant is proudly presented by patent and IP maximalists that violently oppose a , limiting access to vaccine for those in need. In cooperation with politicians who support patents over people.

Die ist wie Stille Post. Wer sie installiert hat, ist Teil von einem sicheren Netzwerk, daß still und leise im Hintergrund arbeitet und dafür sorgt, daß Risikobegegnungen auch zwischen Unbekannten zu einer Warnung führen. Installiert die App. Für euch und andere.

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