It took until , but I can now finally flip/mirror pictures in the photo app. Thanks,

NHO time again :) New Hire Orientation! Welcoming 40+ new Red Hatters. if you want to join too! @ Zum Dürnbräu

Do not reduce the idea to a person. People will fail. People will make mistakes. Ideas are bigger than people.

Ideas are bigger than people. is a truly world changing idea IMHO. Free Software is bigger than any one person.

TIL that Germany expatriated a (naturalised) German citizen against their will into being stateless while I thought that was not possible. [article in german]

Streaming services are becoming just as bad as Cable TV. Too many. I don’t want to pay more than 3 of them at $/€ 5 a month. When every studio rolls out their own, I’m out. Back to buying DVDs.

20190918 Update: SoFlow SO2/+ hat ABE und ist auf dem Markt für 899€. Supra (Handelsgesellschaft u.a. für Aldi) hat ABE für "STREET one", unklar wo, wann und zu welchem Preis erhältlich.

No today. Instead the book that just arrived. Permanent Record by Edward Snowden :) @ redhat München

Lewandowski exposes the abysmal state of the Checks and Balances. Eroded to Theater for the masses. IMHO.

“We decided to leave the club. Shit on all club rules. Ridicule the club. Visit the club today and now we complain they’re not nice to us so we walked away from explaining anything” The TL;DR of today.

What is the accepted timeframe for Responsible Spoilering? 30 days after movie premiere? 60? 10? Asking for a friend.

You know is going really well when the PM of Luxembourg outclasses the UK PM Boris „Hulk“ Johnson by simply showing up to a presser and sharing some obvious observations.

I didn’t know the Hulk has an invisibility cloak. presser (photo: Yves Herman/Reuters)

“Fensterplatz” laut Reservierung. Danke, ;)

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