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My advice to the new citizens of Mastodon. First of all: Welcome! Thank you for being around.

Find at least one interesting profile by going through their timeline. Have a look at their followers and who they follow. Follow them all :) You can always unfollow later. Give it a bit of time. You don’t have to frantically check your timeline. Once a day or even a week is the better approach. You’ll be surprised how a slow but steady approach results in a fascinating timeline. Hope this helps!

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Hi all. I’m Jan Wildeboer, located in Munich. By day I am EMEA Evangelist and in my spare time I think about decentralised identity ownership as a human right, working title TCP/ID. I am a citizen and representative of the United Transnational Republics Since 2018 I run my own single user mastodon instance for all of those reasons :)

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PSA - I use the content warning feature only as an exception. I have been informed that parts of the use this feature much more often. If you rely on cw for the majority of toots in your timeline, you should NOT follow me. This should be a safe space for you in whatever way you prefer to use it. If you rely on cw for that, I am NOT a good candidate to follow. Thx.

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Anwohnerparkausweise so teuer machen wie, sagen wir mal, 50% der ortsüblichen Miete laut Mietspiegel. Zack. : 10€/qm mindestens. Parkplatz: 2x5m=10qm. 10x5=50€/Monat, 600€ im Jahr. Momentaner Preis für Anwohnerparkausweis: 30€/Jahr. Da kann man doch was machen :) has replied to our findings concerning an access request to text messages between and the CEO of a pharma company about a #COVID19 vaccine contract.

Our initial analysis is that the reply is problematic on several points.


LOL. Twitter is broken ATM when you try to open it with Safari on MacOS (tested on 3 machines thus far)

I was asked over on Twitter to put it on top of the beer to see how it goes up. I obliged. The max after 3 measurement cycles was 594. After that I took it down because I didn't want to risk testing it's beerproof capabilities :)

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Bavarian style after work. Still gotta work some numbers and stuff. In style. With CO2 data :)

Ready for a new approach to building and deploying your Red Hat Enterprise #Linux servers? Check out the image builder service. In this quick tech tip, you'll see how to get started deploying #RHEL anywhere!

The whole room looks like this. As you can see - no windows. (Which is good for a studio setup). And yes, you „zoom and enhance“ folks - I’ll save you the work. That *is* a bottle of Red Hat beer ;)

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Thank you, for providing me with a healthy place to work! CO2 reading in the office after a full day of work in the studio. Ventilation is almost perfect.

FTR. I fully support the right of any pregnant person to make their own choice. Taking bodily autonomy away is the opposite of support and care that is often claimed by opponents of abortion. Returning to a past we had thought we had overcome is unacceptable to me.

Sind laut PEI gut genug. Nicht die allerbesten, aber besser als der Durchschnitt. Reicht mir.

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Wenn nächste Woche die Bürgertests kostenpflichtig werden, erwarte ich einen kleinen Preisanstieg bei den Selbsttests. Daher habe ich noch mal schnell 25 Stück zu 24,09€ bestellt.

6 days after the risk exposure, no symptoms, 3 negative tests - I guess I’ve been saved once again by my FFP3 mask and being cautious in general. ‪😷‬

This patent obviously shouldn’t have survived the examination stage as it is a simple translation of an project to patent language, but alas - it was granted. First to file principle meets bad quality of examination. Le sigh.

Also fact: 6 of 9 SCOTUS judges identify as catholic. Hence my suggestion.

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The full picture actually looks like this. (The EU is a non-enumerated member of G7). But cutting out a person - we’ve seen that before. AP at the time.

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