Online petitions are the modern version of thoughts and prayers. Ultimately meaningless but gives you a moment of relief for not actually doing anything.

in Österreich. So ist das halt mit Rechtsaußen. Keine Lösungen aber super darin Probleme aufzuwerfen.

From the "Where is my surprised face" department: "Children who walk [or cycle] to school less likely to be overweight or obese, study suggests"

TL;DR The "official" images seem to not contain official OpenJDK release code, because it's based on and they use different sources.

What is 's part in and what will happen at the end of the countdown on this website?

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I am surprised that my home country won but I’m happy that all my favs, Iceland, Australia, Norway and Azerbaijan are in the top 10.

The wonderful thing about is that nothing is really predictable. But boy do I like how many points North Macedonia gets.

I’m really sorry, but Madonna seems to have real problems hitting the right notes.

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