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A lot of refugees also did what they thought was the right thing to do for their families, dear mr. Cummings and everyone else defending him. So you will now welcome them to your country, right?

In case you’re a bit confused about what happened in the UK with Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown - Kate Lister put the official version together so we now are all informed about it :)

Hallo - warum verkauft ihr so einen Mist über eure Plattform?

„Gib Gates Keine Chance“ ist ein altes Meme das unter uns Linuxern damals ziemlich üblich war. Angelehnt an die damalige AIDS Kampagne des Gesundheitsministeriums. Das das rechte Gesocks das jetzt okkupiert finde ich ehrlich gesagt erschreckend.

14000 UK people who got fined for breaking the rules are in awe of Dominic Cummings. They finally understand that there are two kind of wrongs. Theirs that cost and his that gets celebrated.

Q-Anon is a cult multiplied by algorithms. That’s the simple truth. The new cults don’t need a guru.

I continuously fail to underestimate psychopaths. Cummings is just one of them. would have had a wonderful day today. His book “The Psychopath Code” is relevant again. And again.

“No, I did not offer to resign. No, I didn’t think about resigning” animal farm on live TV. Dominic Cummings is so smart to found the loopholes. He can’t be blamed for others not being that smart.

Listening to Dominic Cummings is the slightly smarter version of a Donald Trump presser. He did nothing wrong and people will understand that once they understand him. Nope. Both are boring, self-aggrandising spectacles.

Gut, daß der VW Skandal vergleichsweise “schnell” vor Gericht entschieden wurde und Käufer entschädigt werden müssen.

Schlecht, daß die Cum-Ex Betrüger auf Verjährung hoffen können und die Milliarden, die sie uns geklaut haben, wohl auf ewig verschwunden sind.

TL;DR enjoy being outside, avoid staying inside. And 😷

“The odds that a primary case transmitted COVID-19 in a closed environment was 18.7 times greater compared to an open-air environment (95% confidence interval [CI]: 6.0, 57.9).”


As Dominic Cummings seemingly refuses to even understand the damage his behaviour has caused, it now becomes a far bigger problem. If he has any political instinct left inside him, he would voluntarily resign from all posts with a very loud mea culpa.

Hahaha. All UK friends should read both Animal Farm and 1984 again. Some pigs are more equal :)

Lustig, wie mache die wochenlang Pokémon Go gejagt und/oder Ingres gespielt haben nun auf Selbstbestimmung und Datenschutz pochen wenn es um Contact Tracing in einer echten Pandemie geht.

If Cummings hasn’t been fired latest Monday, we know that the watchdog task of the press in the UK is in big trouble.

The proximity tracking thing is limited to smartphones, correct? Why not use the Apple Watch too? It has Bluetooth and by design is a wearable. Am I missing something?

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