Boaty McBoatface didn't make it because those in power decided that the vote could be safely ignored as the name was deemed unacceptable.

@jwildeboer Someone should explain to those self-proclaimed "social media gurus" that "If you let the Internet decide on a name for anything, prepare to be trolled. And if you get trolled, just accept your fate and roll with it."

Like when the management of the Red Hat Brno office asked their employees for ideas for a naming scheme for conference rooms, the winning submission was "Icelandic volcanoes" and now they all have glorious names nobody can pronounce. That's how you do it!

@seraphyn At least that's the background story that we were told by a Red Hat employee when we were surprised by the funny room names when we visited the offices during Akademy 2014.
I guess @jwildeboer can confirm if it's true

@brejoc @colomar @seraphyn some parts are, some are not. Depends on the needs and wishes of the teams and people.

@jwildeboer Wow, that looks really nice. This is what it looks like where I work.

@colomar @seraphyn

@colomar @seraphyn but TBH that’s just in Building 2. We also use planet names, scientist names and names of chemical elements in the other buildings.

@colomar Trollers gunna troll. That's how the Digital Unix server at my university got named "Fubar". The department asked the students, the students submitted ideas, and the muckity mucks talked about the submissions (note: Talked. Almost no one actually READ the list) in a board meeting, and approved "Foobar" without actually checking to see if it was "Foobar" or "Fubar". That server was there for YEARS as a testament to proof reading.


Sorry, have had fever. A flu.
Wonderful idea with the choice and, above all, that it was so adopoted.
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