Nationalists are stupid everywhere ;) Here’s . Proudly showing off the tricolour while riding on a rented e-scooter made in China and owned by a US startup called Lime.

@jwildeboer bist du antideutsch für frankreich oder woher kommt dieser gedankliche erguss?

@roland Ich bin seit langer Zeit Transnationaler Bürger - - und habe den rückwärtsgewandten Nationalismus und Patriotismus immer abgelehnt.

You have no idea what's happening on this picture, don't you?

@technolapin “Yellow vest protesters ride past the Louvre in Paris on Dec. 22. (Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty)” according to the picture credits. And yes, I know the yellow vest movement isn’t Front National, but also yes, the yellow vest movement is being occupied partly by radical nationalists. And far left. And a lot of other factions.

Well then you have 0 information on who those two guy are nor if they are rich enought to afford something more local. Plus you can't tell what they want to express through the flag: it might be patriotism but it also have a high chance of being a way to remake the scenes of revolution usually depicted in our culture to make it happen for real.

Does it matter when the tricolour is made in China too? ;)

Und die Flagge ist wahrscheinlich auch Made in China 😁

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