@jwildeboer Funny comment, but the video is quite obviously faked.

@ondra how so? The ominous rope that some armchair “experts” on YouTube claim to have seen?

@jwildeboer @ondra The robot is falling to its side without even turning, while the car is driving straight ahead. Also the acceleration looks way off for a crash.

@jwildeboer @blackkite Either that or the robot is so top-heavy that it tips from a mild wind from passing by cars. :)

@ondra @blackkite the most exterior part in that situation is the rear view mirror on the drivers side. I consider it possible that it caused the tipping over. And yes, it could also be an elaborate ploy to promote the Promobot. It’s still a funny headline and a cool video. Let’s not overanalyse. Just have a laugh and move on. :)

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