Meanwhile, @testingpens over on :

„Wondering about Android and Apple phone security? Here's an objective chart to help you decide:“

That's not objective. It's missing LineageOS on all Android devices, short cycle security updates, long term support.

@erAck @jwildeboer
Exactly. And after EOL iPhones become the least secure phones in the market because you can't even run a new web engine on them. My backup phone is 6+-year-old Samsung S4 Mini. I can run the latest Android (LineageOS) or latest browser (Firefox) on it. Show me that with a 6-year-old iPhone.

@sesivany @erAck Your argument is that an EOL device is, well, EOL? And yes, I can show a whole drawer full of less than 4 year old Android devices that have been abandoned by their respective manufacturers. Some even after a year.

@jwildeboer @erAck I'm not defending the Android vendors. I'm just saying that unlike iPhone Android devices are not usually completely lock-down which has a positive effect on security because it allows me to switch to something that has timely updates and lifetime exceeds the iPhone's. My laptop came with Windows. Do I care about Windows security? Not at all because I installed an OS of my choice the first day I got it.

@sesivany @erAck But I guess we do agree that it's maybe 1% of buyers of devices that install alternative OSes on them. That the majority doesn't even know alternatives exist.

Agreed. One more reason to spread the word. With listing LineageOS as well the chart could tell "and hey look what you get when using this on any of the supported phones".


@erAck @sesivany But even when including LineageOS, it wouldn't change the main argument of the chart that AndroidLand is quite a barren landscape wrt security updates.

@jwildeboer @erAck Yeah, lifetimes, not releasing updates at all or with delays in months is bad, on the other hand comparing response times of an open source and closed source system is always a bit "apples and oranges". Security issues in open systems are typically publicly disclosed earlier while in proprietary software it's often when the fix is made available... or never.

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