If the 1% of the 1% of billionaires worldwide would instruct all companies they own to implement changes to fix climate change, we would have it solved in no time. , are you listening?

‪It would also create many new jobs and show what capitalism can do when used right. But instead we have billionaires like Bill Gates discussing … goes through notes … cows farting.

It’s kind of ironic that those that have the means to cause change blame the politicians they sponsor for not doing what they could do with a simple stroke of a pen.

It uncovers the sad, simple truth. That those who know what is the right thing to do don’t have the means to actually do it. And that those who have the means cannot be bothered to do what is needed because reasons.

Instead of respecting the evidence based knowledge of science, in this capitalism ruled world we wait for rich heroes to lead the way. And wonder why they fail. While ignoring politicians that fight for The Right Thing.

We need global democracy for global problems. Not heroes. Not patriotism. Transnational decisions.

But who am I talking to. People that prefer to focus on kitty pictures and The Next Celebrity Scandal.

@jwildeboer Don't worry, you have some people who agree with you. And in the middle of overwhelming stupidity we need EU more than ever. Grrr.

@jwildeboer the current celebrity scandal is our community evangelist riding some embarrassing electric scooter :(

@lkundrak and FTR, I am now at 180 km on the scooter and totally loving it!

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