Please . It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

@jwildeboer Already a few months ago I have started trying to actively boycott those crappy sites; unfortunately I still occasionally fall into the trap of clicking a link to them, and it angers me.

@jwildeboer what happens when you click that Reader button on the Upper left corner?

@hirojin on mobile, it helps. But on the desktop it’s a different story.

@hirojin due to my config with ublock etc typically the pictures don’t load as they are full of nasty trackers, cookies etc.

@jwildeboer True story. Totally recommend using #WriteFreely or at least Or ghost blog (not sure about naming)

@jwildeboer please #StartFillingMediaDescriptions. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

(Sorry for being salty here, I agree fully)

@charlag @jwildeboer Fun fact, Medium doesn't support alt descriptions at all, among other #accessibility features. Another reason not to use it (as @aardrian keeps reminding in his posts all the time).

@jwildeboer Yes ! Go on Plume and WriteFreely instead ! :)

@jwildeboer I've gone back to using uMatrix and blocking all javascript by default. It makes Medium way easier to read.

..I wonder if I should start blocking first-party cookies by default.

Yep I use an ad blocker and no such problems but still i support not using medium

@jwildeboer what should we use instead? I'm about to post something but currently do not have a personal blog

@jwildeboer Why do so many people use Medium in the first place? It doesn't seem that appealing to me.

@jwildeboer this picture is like one of those webcomics exaggerating how terrible websites can be except they're not exaggerating at all, evidently

@jwildeboer I agree. Why don't people just self host? It is not even difficult these days.

@jrswab @jwildeboer It's easy to self host but I feel like it's harder to maintain the server afterward.

@jwildeboer this is such a good representation of the modern web. Three different overlays that hide the whole article, that you have to close if you want to read it.

I find a text-only browser useful for things like that...

@jwildeboer I hate this stuff. For this reason I've never posted on Medium, and try to avoid reading on there too - unless I get tricked into clicking a link I didn't know was hosted by them.



*bring back blogs*

Really they aren't any harder to set up than a medium account with things like hosted WordPress etc

@jwildeboer One of the most awful sites ever, It amazes me how many people use it.

@jwildeboer while i agree, this is where firefox's reader mode comes in
@jwildeboer that's why you use a JavaScript blocksr. Still can't top the coinhive shit that occurred in fall 2017


Same sentiment here. I’ve stopped going to Medium. It’s a ‘platform’ people choose for one reason only: insta-audience. That’s Medium’s offer, built-in audience and certain follows. It works so well writers don’t even have to be ‘good’. It’s twitter for blog-form.

I always wonder who this insta-audience is. The only reason you might find me reading is that people keep posting links to it on Mastodon!

But I've stopped going there as well, unless I think I really, really, really want to read that one article.

When i (rarely) read some Blogging on Medium about programming, umh i tell myself... does this guy not know how to setup his/her own Blog ?



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