: When evacuating an airplane, leave your bags, luggage behind. It is unbelievable this has to be explicitly stated. Your selfishness will kill people. It just happened in Russia. 40+ pax died but a lot of those that made it out had their luggage with them. Unbelievable.

Put the most important stuff on your body. Use a cheap breast bag. Your pockets. Whatever. The most important stuff is:
0. A notice with emergency contacs, allergy information, chronic illnesses etc.
1. Your passport or ID
2. Some, not too much, cash in any main currency like € or $
3. Maybe a credit card
4. Your mobile phone
Everything else is replaceable.

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Why a breast bag, you may ask? It's ugly and stupid, you may say. And yes, it is not very stylish. But it is oh so practical. No need to worry, it'll be there. And it helps with identifying and helping you in case you are unconscious. Or worse.

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An SD Card with a directory containing scans of important documents is my geeky add-on. Unencrypted. Just in case. Passport, drivers license, birth certificate, proof of registration (I live in Germany, Meldebescheinigung is important ;), vaccination passport.

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@jwildeboer I always use one of these (if I have the same item in mind) when traveling abroad. I keep it hidden under my jacket/sweater (or shirt if necessary.) I highly recommend it.

@jwildeboer nice. I could use a new one anyway as mine is quite worn.

Sry for asking but for what cause do you need the Meldebescheinigung? Personalausweis was always sufficiant for me (Hessen).

@cisco_tA my Dutch passport does not contain address information as the German Personalausweis has. So I sometimes need the Meldebescheinigung as proof of residence. For example when registering at the library, applying for a Visum.

@jwildeboer Everything you mentioned is replaceable...

P.S. I would not recommend to stand in front of me during an evacuation and trying to access your hand luggage... Combine 150kg with an excess of motivation ;-).

@Masek of course everything I mentioned is replaceable. That’s not the point. The things I mentioned just make dealing with the aftermath a lot less complicated in case of emergency or panic. I thought that was obvious, but I’m happy to explicitly spell it out.

@jwildeboer I've seen once someone running into a burning house to "save the passports". He came back out (mostly) unharmed (without the passports), but it was one of the most stupid acts I ever watched.

Since then I do not rely anymore about such things bein obvious ;-).

@Masek I wouldn't want to be on the tarmac of an international airport without my passport, though. That's why I put it in the breast bag when I enter the airport. Also quite practical in case of emergency in a hotel (I had my few fire alarms while travelling). Grab and go. No real thinking needed.

@jwildeboer I would argue even most or none of these are really necessary. If you are in a plane crash, and have to evacuate, there will be plenty of support in getting things replaced such as money, cards, passports, etc. And first responders will help with communication.

So get off that plane and QUICK!

@downey sure. But that all takes time and causes avoidable work for the first and second responders. Having it available is saving time for them. Time that might be critical for others.

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