I don’t want to block ads, dear web site operators. But trackers, yes. I want to visit your site without them collecting data. There is IMHO no justification for packing all those trackers on your pages.

Especially when one of those trackers/ad servers sends IMHO evil malware that sends me to an obvious phishing/scam „offer“ as happened here.

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So me using filter software (in this case Klar by Firefox for iOS) is not me trying to scam you out of ad revenue, it’s just simple digital self-defense because YOU let these scammers on your pages.

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And no. Your “we respect your privacy” pop-up that only allows me to accept everything you and your tracking/ad-servers want to throw at me is everything but respecting my privacy.

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‪You and your ad-server/tracking cronies killed “Do Not Track”. You made sure that opt-in wasn’t possible and made opt-out impossible. You cried when the EU introduced and started geo-blocking EU users instead of accepting and respecting the law. ‬

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