This would be illegal in Germany, due to wear of passive weapons (she wears a protective west).


@tpheine @jwildeboer I wondered about that vest. It's not the sort of thing most general public buy let alone teenagers. I wonder where it came from?

@dick_turpin @tpheine You can get them in a lot of military style shops, on AliExpress. And seeing how the riot police in Moscow has acted, wearing that vest almost seems a necessity IMHO ;) It also sends a strong message.

@tpheine Really? Instead of supporting her for her brave action you care about what she wears and how that would not be allowed in a completely different country? :(

Well, actually I was pointing towards a more oppressive country called Germany, where this impressive picture wouldn't even happen.

@fuxoft I used quotation marks to mark a, well, quote. I also gave the link to the quote, reddit. So feel free to correct the original poster who used the words the way I quoted them :)

@jwildeboer You also used the words "powerful image" without quotes, which I understood as you personally agreeing with the quoted sentence... :)

@fuxoft I get it. All of the men (and it's only men) that commented thus far on my post had something to say about what she's wearing (the vest) or how I quoted wrong words. But none of you could be bothered to simply say something supportive or positive. Le sigh.

@jwildeboer Wow, that statement sounds quite sexist, are you sure you wanted to say that?

@fuxoft If you think stating facts is sexist, that's your problem not mine. Fact is that three men commented on this post with various criticisms and negativity.

@fuxoft Just Tell me - do you think the girl in the picture I posted did something remarkable or not?

@jwildeboer Not in the sense I understand the word "remarkable". I'd compare what she did with someone randomly shouting "FUCK THE POLICE" while the police completely ignores him (her). (Note that I am talking about THIS SPECIFIC INCIDENT, not about her other activities, some of which I consider deplorable.)

@fuxoft I thought so. I for one hope she’ll become an honourable member of Pussy Riot :)

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