TL;DR 46% (49%) of EU citizens (N=10792) think that if the UK wants to leave with , so be it. No more concessions from EU side fro . Let's move on. Survey from June 2019, more:

@jwildeboer What do you mean "No more concessions?" the EU hasn't made any concessions! If the EU and Europeans are so desperate for the UK to stay why has not a single EuroMP suggested an inducement to stay? All you and everyone else talks about is π“π‘πž πƒπžπšπ₯ which is actually an acknowledgement that the UK are leaving no matter what.

@dick_turpin The extensions we gave thus far are a concession IMHO., don't you think?

@jwildeboer You're not serious are you? You don't really see giving someone more time to make their mind up as a concession do you? I would call that common sense. It costs the EU and the UK nothing to allow an extension a concession is when you give something in the hope of gaining something in return. A concession would have been to give us back:

The duchy of Aquitaine (Gascony/Guyenne)


@dick_turpin Your parliament and government were thus far unable to ratify and implement the withdrawal agreement that both sides negotiated. That's why your country needed extensions. It's all your internal problem. What the survey says is simple: We are bored and tired of your internal shenanigans and would really like to move forward with the EU. Be that with or without the UK. Just get this done ASAP.

@jwildeboer Now that we do agree on. As I have said many times. It was a huge mistake to allow Parliament to have a say. If, as it should have been, up to the Government to sort out would have left months ago.

I totally agree, we should leave now! Tomorrow if possible, and deal with the consequences as they appear. Allowing idiots to whine about this that and the other that hasn't even happened yet is what's holding it all up.

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