@stardot @fabsh @jwildeboer It's painfully obvious Boris doesn't have a new deal, I suspect he was hoping the threat of leaving without one would have got Michel Barnier to pull something out of the bag but that too failed. I don't think anyone has won I feel like we've all lost something whatever side of the political fence you are on.


@dick_turpin @stardot @fabsh I fully agree to that. No winners nowhere. But a lot of transactional costs on all sides. Must. End. ASAP.

@jwildeboer @dick_turpin @stardot You know, whatever side of the political fence I'd been on, I'd have jumped ship at the moment Boris got in charge. Any side that man is on is obviously the wrong one. He's a clueless oaf. I have more trust in Trump -- and I mean that.

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