@jwildeboer (small note: the site is definitely down in Spain by order of the Audiencia Nacional and by action of telecoms)

@jwildeboer Even those who prefer Catalonia to stay in Spain should see that advocating for a referendum shouldn't be a crime in any democracy.

@jwildeboer People sometimes ask what the point is of technologies like mesh networks and various other decentralized networks, if the simpler alternatives work just fine.

I like to think that even if our leaders respect us and don't attempt to spy on or shut down our communications today, we still need to have those technologies ready for the day when they do turn on us. It would be way harder to develop them from scratch without working communications.

@jwildeboer of course, speaking from the perspective of a place where nothing like this has happened. You won't hear Hong Kong or Barcelona people asking what the point of mesh networking is.

@vurpo speaking from the perspective of someone that was quite heavily involved in mesh networking and still thinks it has huge potential. Remember the OLPC (the 100$ laptop) project? It had mesh networking as default.

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