Use , they said. It鈥檚 Free Software, they said. They will respect your privacy. They鈥檙e the good ones.

@jwildeboer If you're using their "proprietary services", you're not using Free Software.

If they did this to their free-of-charge users, that would be a different issue.

@yojimbo AFAICS they鈥檙e doing it to all users. Only when you run your own instance without support you are exempted. Am I wrong?

@jwildeboer I think you're correct.

I see external third-party trackers in their public non-logged-in page right now, pointing to Marketo, Google Analytics, Cookiebot, Bizible as well as the 'normal' but still uncool swifttype, fontawesome, cloudflare.

Mind you, they could self-host all the endpoints, and no-one would be sure that's what they were doing. So doing it openly is at least a little less scummy.

@yojimbo blocking API access until you鈥檝e accepted the new terms with no opt-out possible however is kinda scummy IMHO.

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