I would totally pay a global tax to the UN to get access to a truly free internet run by them. And I would even pay tenfold to give that same freedom to nine people I don’t know and who might be totally against my values. 1/2

@jwildeboer So, there's that.

But then, it's easy to solve hard technical, political, or social problems by specifying a proposed solution as problem-free by definition.

That doesn't actually do the hard work of solving the problem.

My question wasn't a hypothetical as IIRC KSA *has been* the chair of the UN HRC, with certain implications for groups associated with religions that are notably not Islamic. (Not calling out Islam itself, merely the ensuing dynamic.)

@jwildeboer My first inclination was actually to somewhat agree with your suggestion.

But the contrarian in me is an asshole and had to say something, and who am I to deny its right to speak?

The point being that you might want to put some thought into a publicly-provided Internet (excellent idea, IMO), in a structure which *doesn't* create a single, *global*, potentially-compromised controlling entity.

@dredmorbius of you use the UN to enforce the fundamental human rights it’s a win-win. It’s the other way round IMHO. We have no global governance. But we need it. And it can never be a commercial entity like Facebook or Google.

@jwildeboer It seems to me that there is a possible set of solutions which are neither "The UN" nor "Facebook and/or Google".

I'm needling toward noncommercial, social, *and* mutually independent parties, which offers a set of choices to individuals.

It could be argued that this exists _within_ the UN, though it could also be argued that it does not.

See again previous discussion.


@dredmorbius exactly my point. Check my bio. I am a citizen of the United Transnational Republics utnr.org for reasons :) we need global governance and exposing the limits of what we have is a way to find better solutions.

@jwildeboer I've actually known of you for years, well before G+ through the FS/OSS world. I generally find you sensible, if that helps.

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