And a lot of companies understand that is where you get the help to run that stack in a way that lets you focus on the things you run on top of it.

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So as a , targeting Enterprise is a Damn Good Thing. How to do this? And what does it cost? Well, just go here, it’s free! You get all the bits and bytes, ebooks, HOWTOs AND support from our community.

And should you care deeply about growing the Way on many different levels - from coding to finance, HR, marketing and more - Well. We’re hiring :) And today is NHO (New Hire Orientation) here in our office :)

@jwildeboer Christ, the Enterprise Server market's changed a smidge since, say, 2004.

Where's zOS?

Proprietary Unix is gone.

Likewise Anyone Else (DEC, VMS, Acorn, etc.).

Linux and Windows. Mostly Linux....

@dredmorbius Yes, 15 years ago the world was a different place. But I already said back then (I got hired by Red Hat in 2005) that soon(tm) the fight in the Datacenter will be between Linux and Windows. And that Linux will win. And that was before cloud, microservices, containers even were a concept. It’s all about . Open will win.

@jwildeboer Oh, I (or a past me) was saying much the same thing. It's just seeing the actual instance-share that's pretty stunning.

One lesson I've learned that Past Me might have found useful: arguing against naysayers is almost entirely useless. Truth will out. Stating your own piece, or far better, simply, effectively, and inexpensively demonstrating capability, is far more useful.

@dredmorbius Yes, being stubborn and just keep moving forward is sometimes the better solution :)

@dredmorbius @jwildeboer
z/OS has largely been replaced by Linux on z. Specifically, running any number of Linux LPARs on your System z box, communicating with legacy LPARs via fast Hipersockets (sic).

@mathew That should still show up in server sales, though, and there's not much room within the chart Jan showed for that.

I also have a *really* hard time believing that all the government, insurance, healthcare, and banking mainframe systems have been ported over.

Though I would not be entirely unpleased were this to be true.

(I could spell "ISPF" and "JCL" at one point in my life. Also EVE and DCL....)


@dredmorbius @jwildeboer
Linux on z is RHEL, hence probably included in the RHEL figures.

Many banks and airlines still run their old systems. SABRE is still around, apparently AA's 2009 attempt to get HP to write a replacement failed? I gather about 60% of SABRE has been migrated to cloud servers, but there are still mainframes. I believe the Federal Reserve still uses IMS, as I'm sure many banks do, and that dates back to 1966.

(I have no inside info about any of this.)

@dredmorbius @jwildeboer
No need to rewrite everything anyway, you can write Web Services for your CICS applications in Object Oriented COBOL and trigger them from JCL…

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