So instead of shipping megatonnes of from Brazil to China, where it is used to feed pigs, Brazil could build factories to convert soy into the and export that!

The numbers are quite staggering. produces around 120 million(!) tonnes of soy per year. 76% of their soy exports are to . Just imagine the fleet of ships needed for that.

@jwildeboer Just imagine the forests burned for those fields, though.

@berkes Yes. Burning down the Amazonas to produce soy beans that get exported mainly to China. It's a crazy world.

@jwildeboer .. that get exported to China to feed pigs whose meat is then shipped all over the place.

Free market: I'm a mechanism to do everything as efficiently possible. Actual free market: πŸ‘†

@jwildeboer Welcome to the Brazilian conundrum.

Brazil could export products instead of "raw materials", but for that you need to import machinery, training and so on, which ends up being very expensive and not subsidised by the government.

Instead the government subsidises the production of "raw materials" instead and then buys the products made with those.

A classic example is iron ore as well.

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