@jwildeboer Drat, it looks like it's up to companies like Canonical to support and update the ZFS code.

@Ertain Not really. It's up to Oracle to put ZFS either under GPLv2 or a compatible license IMHO if they want to see it supported on Linux. That won't happen AFAICS. Shrug.

@jwildeboer but what can I use as an alternative? I'm not sure about that ... BTRFS? Hm. I have read about sooo many corrupted systems ... :(


@thomas what is your usecase? What features of ZFS are mission critical for you that you cannot get with other file systems and technologies like lvm2, ext4, xfs etc?

@jwildeboer My main use case is LXD ;-) I'd like to have snapshots, CoW and incremental file system sync across systems, in case I need to migrate containers.

@thomas that’s not a usecase, that’s a technology decision ;) And according to [1] you can get that with CEPH and LVM too. Which are both upstream even outside of UbuntuLand.

[1] lxd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/s

@jwildeboer yes, partly :) Unfortunately CEPH does not support Quotas with LXD (and I guess it's mor complex to set up ?) and LVM does not have incremental FS copies, which I like so much about ZFS

@thomas well, there’s always OpenShift ;) But seriously. ZFS might be good for you when you accept that ZoL is already a fork of ZFS and you only have one vendor to rely upon. Your freedom, your decision. Alternatives are out there, but they might be more than just swapping a file system.

Virtual manager can make snapshots so I assume incrementals can me done too. One way to do the syncing is to use drbd but on very busy systems there are some set backs.
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