How I do sync: my tweets get reposted here as toot. My replies and retweets do not. I find it annoying when someone posts a retweet here, as my replies to that typically won’t reach the original poster. People that say that they do this to “connect” both services are simply wrong IMHO. Mastodon isn’t another Twitter. It’s a network with its own users and connections. Me reposting here saves me time. But I reply on both sides. I’m not just dumping tweets.

Did you check out the @crossposter ? Works really fine for me! Here:

I have just read in the site, that there are currently some issues with the boosts. I'm sure, they'll fix it soon!

@sustainrelease in what way? Using boosts back to likes on twitter? I don’t use that, obviously.

"Posting from Mastodon to Twitter is working again, but boosts will not be crossposted at the moment."

I think, the reposts here on #Mastodon might not be tweeted to Twitter currently. Here is a thread about the current issues with the API:

Oh, you're so right... I was was not aware that link is old. Sorry, forget all I said. #sosorry

@jwildeboer I do something similar. It's syndicating from my own site. Works mostly by Webmentions and so I get back comments and actions as feed too. Bonus: content stays on my site even when an account should be removed eventually.

Not for everything of course. Chatter like this I don't consider worth of syndicating 😂

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