Yes, I know we all have different things on our plate right now, but IMHO it’s important to stay informed about , both if you’re UK or EU. So. Read and weep. And notice there’s no surprised face on my side.

@jwildeboer Man's talking out his arse. I suggest you wait and see rather than listening to all these soothe sayers and people with crystal balls because they know f... all nobody does it's all just words.

What is interesting is all those Tory MP's who ran around 'doing their own thing' that have now suddenly lined up to fall into line.

You're going to see some big changes and fairly rapidly too.


@dick_turpin I’ll happily wait and see. There’s no big surprise waiting. It’s 27 v one. The math is simple. The power distribution also. And with von der Leyen focusing on the EU, shrug.

@jwildeboer @dick_turpin UK is very capable of going on WTO and with the levers of power returned to the UK we can become a thorn in EU's side thats why they want a deal to restrict UK.

@jwildeboer @lillyput I've just been and bought €150.00 for £130.00 six months ago it would have cost me just under £150

@dick_turpin @jwildeboer That helps our exports, creating jobs for our children, focusing on a reduced exchance rate is just selfish.

@dick_turpin @jwildeboer Tories think that growing the economy through market principles benefits everyone in the end, that is not selfish but a model of "A rising tide lifts all boats".

@jwildeboer @dick_turpin Brexit has not happened yet so it has not cost/gained the country anything, the figures are therefore false.

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