Yes, I know we all have different things on our plate right now, but IMHO it’s important to stay informed about , both if you’re UK or EU. So. Read and weep. And notice there’s no surprised face on my side.

@jwildeboer I've had my head in my hands for nearly 4 years now about all of this. I am so disappointed in what's happening in this country.


@yetiops it happened. We now need to make it work. The EU IMHO will do its best to be welcoming and care about seamless transition, especially for the +3M EU citizens in the UK. Also for the UK citizens living in the EU. Things will change. Radically. That’s just how leaving the EU works. Unchartered waters with a clear goal of growing the EU.

@jwildeboer @yetiops EU is a shrinking part of the world economy and no one is suggesting that will change, you have a warped view of the EU.

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