And no, Stroustroup did NOT do this in the C++ book and also no, Knuth didn’t do this in AOCP :)

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@lkundrak reason enough to print a second edition IMHO. What an oversight! :)

@jwildeboer Ah darn, Kernighan didn't do it in "The Go Programming Language". I guess I'll pencil it in.

A classic book, I have it somewhere I'm pretty sure. I had two copies, but I think my ex stole one.

@jwildeboer at least the exit condition comes first 😄

@jwildeboer Can confirm in the second edition, but regrettably it's not in the first.


Cool 😃

If you want to understand recursion, you need to understand recursion …

A good one from Common LISP the Language 2ed, Guy Steele

@jwildeboer Turns out you can be nerdy _and_ funny _and_ not racist/misogynist/ableist. Who knew!?

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