Weird idea. But hear me out! When you want to avoid all trackers and microtargeted ads - there is something called "print". Where the content is impressed on a thing called paper using a substance called ink! There are even shops where you can buy these things called "Newspaper"!

OK. You need to physically get these "Papers" but they are magic! You just need a bit of light to read them! No batteries! And they are HUGE! I mean some of them are big like 50" screens! But superthin! And nothing moves, blinks!

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You don't have to switch anything on or off. They just work! You can give it to other people to read too! No DRM! And after you're done, you can cut out what really is important to you and store them somehwhere. It's an ancient technique called "clipping". TIL!

@Gina These "papers" can be recycled! Try that with an iPad or laptop! And trees grow! Like you have a continouous cycle and while the trees grow they even clean the air!

@Gina Trees grow. Paper can be recycled. It's quite a closed circle. Compared to all the metals and rare substances in laptops, phones and iPads, it might even be more climate friendly. But I don't have research to back that up.

@Gina And yes, my original Toot contains unmarked . But not without reason.

The main problem with this method is #RupurtMurdoch.

#IndependentMedia doesn't tend to exist on that lightweight, thin thing. ;)

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