Whoever came up with the term ‚Äěsocial distancing‚Äú should be ashamed. The correct term is physical distancing IMHO. We should collectively stop using the ‚Äěsocial distancing‚Äú term from now on.

@jwildeboer it's only a bad term because people misread its intent. It's not "put social distance between you", but rather "put distance between you during social activity".

It's a little harsh to tell people to be ashamed for not anticipating the misunderstanding

@Calcifer It is not harsh IMHO to point out that ‚Äúphysical distancing‚ÄĚ has no potential for misinterpreting or misunderstanding. I also like the term ‚Äú1.5 meter society‚ÄĚ that is being used for example in the Netherlands.

@jwildeboer but it is harsh to tell someone they should be ashamed for coming up with a term just because it's misunderstood. You can encourage improvement without shitting on people

@Calcifer I‚Äôm not shitting on people. That‚Äôs your Interpretation. I use direct language. That‚Äôs how I am. I get your point but I still think ‚Äúsocial‚ÄĚ distancing feels like the exact opposite of what it should convey. And whoever coined that term must have known that would happen.

I agree…

¬ęI think that just having chosen the term "social distancing" instead of "physical distancing" is proof that those who manage the situation do not know what they are talking about.¬Ľ

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