I’m not a fan of home office. Partly because I miss having people around me but also because many people out there simply don’t have a spare room or even a quiet corner they can dedicate to WFH.


I agree, I am a fan of #remotework but not #homeoffice. I like the flexibility of working anywhere, but in our small apartment, my partner and I struggle to balance our different WFH needs.


WFH != HomeOffice, IMHO.
The latter implies there is an office, in your home - which is what everyone who does that 100% of their time should have. WFH might as well be the couch or a corner in the kitchen - what everyone is forced to do today. That's totally different. And yes, you need that dedicated office.

As for people: absolutely, I miss those.

@jwildeboer Having the ability to work from home is nice. But you tend to grow tired of only working from home rather quickly. Normally you'd remedy this by for example working from a coffee shop, but that's not really an option during corona.

My home has something that no other place I have worked at has: silence. A silent work environment is a requirement for my productivity and mental health.

And just because a room is more silent than that of the sales department, does not necessarily make it silent enough.

This is why I like to work from home. I could imagine other suitable work places, such as a forest or a beach, but not an office. Nope.

@jwildeboer Tell me about it... I've been working from home with two small kids for the last 9 weeks... can't wait to be back in the office.

@sesivany @jwildeboer Yeah working at home during quarantine is aweful.

In normal times, when we have childcare, I work from home 2x per week, and it's completely different. I clean the kitchen table, get set up with a monitor there, and with my stool that gets me to the correct height. Takes about 5 min of setup and teardown, which is significantly less than a commute.

And I get out, go have a coffee somewhere, chat with other humans. Very little resemblance to how things are right now.

@jwildeboer I don't miss having people around me while I'm working at home – my kids are always here asking me for things!

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