As the next step towards a true United Europe, we should add a new form of citizenship that is transnational. A European citizenship. Where nationality becomes just an attribute. This would solve a lot of problems. And is the logical next step.

I honestly hate my status in Germany. I’m Dutch. I move here in 1982 at the age of 12. Legally I’m still “EU-Ausländer”. An EU foreigner. After 38 years. I’m not a citizen. I cannot vote on the national or federal level. An EU citizenship could change that.

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So in my fantasy, an EU citizenship would define me primarily as European. I can then select a national identity as attribute. Exactly one. Automagically. Depending on where I live (and pay taxes). So I would have the German attribute and that would be equal to German nationality

for things like voting rights, the right to buy property etc. When I move to another EU country, I’d have to give up that German attribute and get the attribute for the country I move to. Without losing my European status.

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