@jwildeboer instead of paying for an hosted instance, you could subscribe to one already running, maybe self hosted and donate to them

@alciregi I know. This is the Internet. Where someone always tells you you’re doing it wrong :) I prefer to pay for the service of a company (or a one man/woman/they shop) that does the right thing. My decision. My mastodon and pixelfed instance are running the same way. I’m happy with it.

@jwildeboer no no. I'm not stating you are wrong.
For instance I pay a company for a #nextcloud instance (I haven't the time to maintain a self hosted installation, and it's ok to pay some bucks to people offering this kind of solution).
I was saying that there are many passionate people running #peertube instances on a voluntary base; maybe before paying an hosted "professional" service, you could give one of these "free" (donations are welcome) instances a try

@alciregi I did that when I started using Mastodon. Hopped from one server to another a few times before I finally decided that my modus operandi is to have my own instance under my own domain name. It’s just what I prefer. I use masto.host for that. AFAICS a really enthusiastic person that totally deserves my money. Same with spacebear.ee I use for and . Oh. And I still donate to other groups too.

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