“With Family Setup, parents can set controls, like which contacts the child can communicate with over messages. It also allows family members to receive location alerts so parents will know where the child is and if they have entered or exited a geofenced area.”

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@jwildeboer I have the impression that Apple has been spreading it's tentacles little by little and producing products that don't stick to their old self.

Only time will tell.

@jwildeboer What, they're trying to invade homes and living rooms like Google?

@jwildeboer We‘ve never used any of this on the kids Apple account. But it’s scary that some people would and think of it as a good idea.

@falk it’s a new feature. It’s not family sharing. It was announced today.

@jwildeboer Oooh, that’s for giving a 800€ watch to your kid without an iPhone. Nice digital leash.

@falk @jwildeboer Yeah, we don't like surveillance ourselves, so let's do it to our kids. 🤦‍♂️

@falk @jwildeboer we actually use the ‚family‘ option of the ecosystem - but mostly to share bought items and having one bill at the end of month.

In addition the Family uses the ‚share location‘ feature to prevent not needed communication to give notice when that person is home. Or to that the family is looking if i‘m moving when on the road with bike.

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