Feierabend, as we say here :) Got tested again for . Result should be available in 24-48 hours. No queues, no stress, took me not even 2 minutes. Thank you for making this possible!

And FTR - I have no symptoms nor did the German identify a risk. But I work in an office and knowing that asymptomatic infections exist, better safe than sorry. And free Tests for everyone are available here.

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@jwildeboer Got to watch out for those asymptomatic infections.😷

@jwildeboer Glad to hear it's available. Most of our testing sites have closed alltogether and, if you can get one, it can take well over a week for results. Waiting for the next explosion at the hospitals any day now

@chris should I test positive, I’ll get a call from the Munich health authority to start the contact tracing and make sure I isolate. If the result is negative, no need for a call and I can check online. It’s a simple but good system IMHO.

@jwildeboer @chris yeah, here in the US they don't even want to test those in contact as long as they're asymptomatic 😕

Nobody has commented on this but ... they give you BEER at the testing site? Nice!

@michel_slm @chris nah, the beer was presented to me on my way back home by total surprise ;)


Du solltest nach dem Test aber in Quarantäne sein und nicht zur Arbeit gehen...

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