I think it’s time we all learn and how to use static site generators a la so we can return to blogging using a git repo to store content. This allows us to publish anywhere, using gitlab or github, our own servers. This prepares us for the future. 1/2


A future where we truly own our content and can leave centralised platforms of any kind. I’d be happy to help should you want to try. The future is decentralised IMHO. 2/2

I’ll try to setup a git hook that automagically adds a tweet and/or toot on after publishing a new entry, so that discussions/comments can happen there. I’m sure someone else already did such a thing but I fail to find it.

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@jwildeboer Have you given #writefreely already a go? Does exactly this (markdown), very light footprint and is an actor for activitypub so #federated users can easily follow your blog. Works great IMHO. Here's an example...blog.franssen.xyz/adventures-i

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