Today the 7 day incidence rate in rose to 54,16. We are at exponential growth with a rate of 10%. So doubling of infections every 7 days. There is still a big party going on today in Munich to make up for the fact that Oktoberfest was cancelled. I am not happy.


Last time we broke through the 50 mark, it took us a month to get under it again. From 2030-03-20 until 2020-04-19.

@jwildeboer Watching your posts on this I'm both horrified watching the spike there and amazed. We're down to 150/day just in my little county (300,000 people) and nearly all restrictions are being removed as the problem is considered to be not a problem at all.

I've had 1 relative die and two nearly so (including a 23 year old nephew who somehow survived two weeks on a ventilator) and even they hint it's all a "hoax" still as their church says so.

@chris with those numbers, your county would be a high risk region under the German criteria with partial lockdowns. I wish you and your folks health and the strength to make it through this. And please - ‪😷‬

@jwildeboer I keep masks everywhere in case I get too close to people (though I don't go even to the grocery store anymore).

What a crazy world.

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