Should we have a vaccine in limited amounts in a few months, it should be given to those we clapped for. The nurses. The doctors. The truckers. The people at the supermarkets. People like me, who can WFH, we should be the last in line. It’s really simple.

@jwildeboer We need to be careful with the vaccine, though. From what I've read, it may not work for everyone (e.g. the elderly), and we don't entirely know how long the immunity will last.

At least some of the restrictions will be loosened when the immunity of the vaccinated is proven.

@Ertain @jwildeboer I will definitely voluntarily wait longer. Therefore my dose is also available. And I think there will be a few more people doing the same ...

@jwildeboer Well yes ... it's a win-win. We'll have more data before going to general population, and people in need of it get it earlier.

@jwildeboer I disagree: the first people to get the vaccine should be pharma executives and seniormost politicians. Because if anybody should be taking that risk, it should be them. When they have skin in the game, they'll make sure that shit's safe. After we've seen what it does to the politicians and CEOs, then let's think about giving it to teachers and doctors. Like when China ordered airline executives to fly on January 1, 2000: that will get them focused.

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