I’m thinking of leaving Munich and moving somewhere else. Where do you think I should go?

@jwildeboer I don't know Germany very well but a friend of mine said good things about Berlin.

@jwildeboer Difficult to say. If staying in Germany, what about Hamburg? I heard great things about it.

@jwildeboer @lauteshirn depends on what you are looking for. I’m in Berlin. Berlin is both: nice and shitty.

I like Regensburg a lot!

It has the perfect size, a university, a old city and a river!

@jwildeboer Probably still Leipzig. It's growing at enormous rate though, so it could look bleak in a few years time.

I'm in Berlin and personally I find it quite bad (at least for a married man that looks for a more family-oriented environment).
Streets are usually dirty, train stations smell like pee, there is a lot of broken glass everywhere and finally there is this horrible "street art" which in some rare situations is beautiful, but most of the time is just vandalism.

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