There never was a real toilet paper shortage. The whole hype and drama did one good thing, though. Loads of extra business for toilet paper manufacturers! That actually helps the economy :) So go out and buy toilet paper. No problem IMHO.

@jwildeboer What do you mean by "There never was a real toilet paper shortage"?

@maximilia uhm ... what it says. Back in March people where buying toilet paper like hell because they feared there would be a shortage. There never was.

@jwildeboer at least in our area, there where days where you couldn't buy it. That was off course only due to the fact that some people horded it but still. Wasn't that cool to go to the store when you ran short and get the answer try on Tuesday when the new shipment arrives. Luckily we never complete run out of toilet paper.

@jannis_vll @jwildeboer There was a huge shortage where I live as well. For nearly a month there was none to be found in stores, and sparse for another two months after. Even saw a few stories of people trying to flush baby wipes or old t-shirts only to clog the pipes.

Today we were not able to buy toilet paper in the northern part of Dresden. Empty in at least 3 supermarkets.

@tpheine The problem now is the same it was back in March. Shelf space and storage space in the supermarket. They only have limited space but get deliveries at least once a day, more if needed. I know when my supermarket gets their stuff so there never was a problem. The empty shelves are typically posted by people that do last minute shopping, late afternoon or evening.

I agree with your facts. Still this applies to all families with children, that have to go shopping after full time 40hrs/week jobs. We can only go shopping after 6pm or Saturdays in the morning.

Kita opens 7am, start work 7.30-8am. Finished 16.30-17. Kids from Kita 17.30. Drive to supermarket, 6pm. This only applies when no activities for the kids like sports or music take additional time. So we have no other choice except late shopping.

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