became so assured of itself, that it totally underestimated what exponential growth really means. We still have a slim chance to deal with this but my gut feeling is to once again move to my parents on the countryside.

One of these little stories is about Bavarian MP Markus Söder criticising the App as not being good enough. While at the same time, the big testing center in Munich, the capital of Bavaria still is NOT connected to the app for delivering results to tested people.

In conclusion. Germany needs more unification. More solidarity. More clear rules that people understand and follow. General, strict rules with local relaxation where the numbers allow it. And where returning to the general rule is automatic when the numbers rise.


And the people need to understand this is a time to come together and stand together. We can tolerate a few ignorant idiots, but we need to support the rules with an overwhelming majority to get through this. Thank you all for listening.

@jwildeboer around here people are often seen coming together and standing together, which is why we're in the first place in per-capita new cases and deaths

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