PSA - I use the content warning feature only as an exception. I have been informed that parts of the use this feature much more often. If you rely on cw for the majority of toots in your timeline, you should NOT follow me. This should be a safe space for you in whatever way you prefer to use it. If you rely on cw for that, I am NOT a good candidate to follow. Thx.

I added this to my Pixelfed account as well, when I heard that food and person fotos are considered offensive and require CW.

I thought so. It adds perfectly to my list of "why?". I don't agree on all of your toots, but it costs me less than 1sec to scroll over it and forget it, where telling you that I don't like it costs me minutes and uses my brain more than needed.

And the most obvious disgusting part is: I still follow and like you. You're not my opinion? Great! I can learn from you and proof or change my opinion. Or at least have a great discussion. Cheers

@jwildeboer Yeah I think this is the right way to go about it. I remember when I started mastodon I really was aggressive about suggesting use of CW, and I think the lack of norms around it is why. Communicating what people can expect really goes a long way to mitigate this as an issue.

@jwildeboer It wasn't so much that I personally needed them, but rather that clearly here was a space where people who needed them had access to them, and they were the people who more or less founded the community, and it felt hostile to the people who created the community have all the new people just ignore them.

@Vopo the problem with trigger warnings is that either I am perfectly aware of all possible triggers (I am not and I know that) or I might trigger people inadvertently with no real way to avoid that. It means that instead of sender, I must also be all recipients at the same time to get it right. That’s just not practical in my experience. I tried. I failed. This is my consequence. I accept it is not acceptable to all. Hence I make it clear upfront.

@jwildeboer @Vopo Another problem with the amount of warnings for stuff like food is that it trains you to just ignore them

@jwildeboer yeah seems mostly good, does a good job of managing/communicating expectations.

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