@jwildeboer EUPL closes the network use loophole in a similar manner, EUPL is not viral, though. It's sort of "LAGPL".

@Steinar @jwildeboer can we not use the word "viral" to describe "copyleft"?

It's a Microsoft-invented term to make copyleft licenses sound bad.

Language matters.

@rysiek @Steinar @jwildeboer is viral a drop-in synonym for copyleft? I thought it was used to differentiate licenses like GPL from LGPL, which are both copyleft (but I wouldn't consider LGPL "viral")

@benjaminpaikjones @Steinar @jwildeboer either way, it needs to be retired. We need a term that is not pejoratively charged.

@rysiek @Steinar @jwildeboer that's true. And we do have those terms now that I think about it- strong v. weak copyleft!

@benjaminpaikjones @rysiek @Steinar @jwildeboer That's also the terms that the CERN OHL (Open Hardware License) is using for its variants OHL-S (strongly-reciprocal) and OHL-W (weakly-reciprocal).

Even though as I understand OHL is not based on copyright law in the same way as GPL/LGPL is.


@t0k @benjaminpaikjones @rysiek @Steinar yeah. Every few years some folks come along saying we need new words. But I never really understand why. We have all the terms we need (permissive, non-permissive, weak/strong copyleft) since years. They are well defined and mostly understood in good ways. But I guess some people just WANT new terms to create confusion. Divide et impera ;)

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