updates their documentation, clarifies it is not spying on what apps you run with their , understands the arguments and promises changes like scrubbing all IP addresses from the logs, switching to encrypted communication. Good.

@jwildeboer I wonder if it is really good or good enough. I don't want to use an OS that I can't control. #ItsAllAboutControl we can't trust a #proprietaryOs

@paoloredaelli we also can’t really trust networks. Especially mobile networks. There’s always compromises we have to accept. Apple did say they will make the OCSP checks User manageable in a next update.

@jwildeboer fine! It's an endless task: the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. 😮
Currently I trust Dell, Lenovo System76, Librem, Slimbook.

@jwildeboer I hope #AMD and #Arm makers will catch up the apparently "awesome" #M1. Its benchmarks looks too good to be true

@jwildeboer and for the today episode of "Oh! You found that! I'm sorry! I swear I will not do it again! You can trust me!" ...
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