When someone says "blockchain" and "election", tar and feather them before kicking them out of your town or country. Democracy is not a startup pitch. It deserves the paper trail.

@jwildeboer But each voter could mine their own Vote-Coin, creating value while supporting democracy! /s

@gedvondur the tar is cooking, just ripping some more feathers. Shall we meet in 20 minutes? ;)

@jwildeboer @gcupc how we do it in Canada:

you get a paper ballot
you put an X on it with pencil
it goes in a box
at the end in the day they count them with representatives of all the parties there
everyone phones it in to their party/the elections agency
the end

unless you are disabled and need a special voting machine with various input options.

Then again we don't have to vote on a million different things at once like in the US. Plebiscites are extremely rare

Forget paper... Leaving voting stones was a mistake

@jwildeboer There are lots of very smart people doing fascinating work on cryptographic voting protocols. We should be funding and encouraging them, and doing all our elections with paper ballots until everyone currently working in that field has retired.

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