An overview of technlogies being used to track people in malls and shops. Rather frightening, IMHO. Bluetooth, face recognition, thermal imaging - Orwellian stuff in our everyday life.


Most smaller shops have visitor counters installed, so you can get KPIs like conversion rate. I managed a shop a while ago, they mainly used kpis like that to put workers under enormous pressure.

Conversion rate
Parts per sale
Sales per hour
And so on... they desperately come up with new KPIs

Thats the way how they think they can compete with „the internet“.

And yeah, thats why I quit this stupid job. They had me put under pressure to ensure that I put my team under pressure and kill every bit of freedom - which is the biggest advantage over sterile humanless internet shopping.

Hope they‘ll burn to the ground. They will.

@jwildeboer to clarify:using KPIs is a great and much needed tool for confirmation, validation and so on - if you use it against workers, you will receive a grand backlash. People are not stupid automatas

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