@jwildeboer EUPL closes the network use loophole in a similar manner, EUPL is not viral, though. It's sort of "LAGPL".

@Steinar @jwildeboer can we not use the word "viral" to describe "copyleft"?

It's a Microsoft-invented term to make copyleft licenses sound bad.

Language matters.

@rysiek @Steinar @jwildeboer is viral a drop-in synonym for copyleft? I thought it was used to differentiate licenses like GPL from LGPL, which are both copyleft (but I wouldn't consider LGPL "viral")

@benjaminpaikjones @Steinar @jwildeboer either way, it needs to be retired. We need a term that is not pejoratively charged.

@emacsomancer For the intellectual discussions, sure. For day to day use I describe GPL style as Share-Alike, because that is what it means and that term is also used in the CC world (Creative Commons).

@benjaminpaikjones @rysiek @Steinar

@jwildeboer Share-Alike makes sense if your audience already knows CC.

@robby Heredity makes sense too, but sounds more passive than reciprocal.

@benjaminpaikjones @rysiek @Steinar

@emacsomancer Well, yes. When we are in a setting where we compare BSD and GPL style licensing, it's not really a stretch that people know what CC licensing is IMHO. @benjaminpaikjones @rysiek @Steinar @robby

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