Mediaserver has an interesting () business model. Pay 5€/month to watch your own content on your own devices on your own network.

@jwildeboer Are you talking about ? I haven't found anything on their site related to paying for streaming content located on your server.

@tech_exorcist I am talking about running my own Plex server at home, on my own server, managing a library of movies and TV series I ripped myself from the DVDs I own. When I try to play them on my iPad, I need to in-app buy the "right" to play them. If I want to download them to my iPad, I need to buy a subscription to Plex Pass at 5€/month.

@tech_exorcist after I’ve installed the Plex app and wanted to watch one of my movies, I got this message to „unlock“ the app - 5,49€ one time purchase. Ok. I got that one. After that, when I try to download, I get the second message. Now it *also* wants me to buy Plex Pass at 5€/month. Just to take my movies on my device.

@tech_exorcist Fun thing: The Plex app happily downloads podcast episodes to my phone without the need for a subscription. It's rather inconsistent.

@jwildeboer @tech_exorcist That must be an #iOS think. It’s totally free on #Android. Plus they have the free web client, try that.

Although TBH, you could be better off with #Jellyfin. I’m inching closer and closer to trying it.

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