So I’ve left 9 years ago. I’ve deleted my account a few weeks ago. Next week I’ll delete my account. is only on my corporate phone. 1/2


I have three instances on the . for pictures, for moving pictures and for tweet style stuff. I’ll stay around over on Twitter too, but 2021 I’ll definitely focus on federated networks. 2/2


1) Yay!

2) This is not about using OpenProtocols but about making:

The only thing I can do, is to encourage.
To encourage to help us a bit.
We are the W3C Social CG.
Open to everyone.
We care.
We need help.
The next meeting is Sat 9th, I am writing the announcement in the neighbour window.
Official Forum
Join the group?
Next meeting is next Saturday. Before #rC3 we did two conferences.

3) Pixels are hard.

I still have a Twitter account but I think i have only visited once in the last month. I have found lately that I come to the Fediverse when I need to check a social feed. I get more out of it.

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