I do think that companies refusing services to qanon/capitol storm supporters are doing a good thing but it also shows how powerful capitalism has become in occupying and redefining the public space.

@jwildeboer Kind of a side-toot, but your hashtag there made me think about how the phrase "popular opinion" has really come to signify the set of opinions that have been pushed by large corporate media organizations and the companies that own them, and not so much the opinions of the populace. This is very much in line with the original sentiment of your toot.

@vortex_egg „popular opinion“ in that sense you describe is what I’d call - it’s about ads, not people.

@jwildeboer I might not agree with you but I will defend your right to say it.

Big tech, Soros and fact checkers on the Chinese government payroll don't have a right to either silence or censor me or determine what I see.

I am the arbitrator of my own reality and I am perfectly capable of determining fact from fiction.

Social media has a block button if you are offended use it don't rely on government or other actors who silence those who views they disagree with.

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