So, yeah. Working with NFC cards is a complicated world. The NTAG21x more or less "just work" with iPhone (haven't tested Android, need an android phone with NFC first). All the other cards have their specific problems. Le sigh. I guess I'm going to build a sort of universal NFC formatter that sets up MiFare Classic, Desfire etc as proper tags that phones understand.

As far as I understand this whole stuff atM (learning by doing ;), you need to prepare cards for NDEF in specific ways with some card/chip specific "magic" that is documented, so no prob. But buying cards where this is already done - that's not so simple.

Also - NFC is just classical old school standard stuff. where you have to pay a lot of money just to read simple documents that describe how stuff works. Want to know what NDEF means? That's $100 please.

"But Jan, you could become member and get access to the specs for free!". Yes. But there is no personal membership. I would have to use the "Implementer" level, which comes in at $6000 per year. "But they have a non-profit membership?" Yes. At $1500/year.

And this, my dear friends, means that is not an open standard.

"But hey! There's this cool program to use NFC cards for public transport tickets! And their specification is for free!" Sure, but the license of that spec says "no. Open. Source."

@jwildeboer There are some efforts on github

It also holds a link to the I’m not sure what you can find there but it might be a new start.

@hansw Last updated: 5 months ago :( But maybe I can find some good info there, thx!

@jwildeboer Did you try w3c too? I did see someone mention something like it.

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