is an EU plan to spy in real time on *all* your communication, including encrypted messengers like Signal. Let me put it bluntly: If the state doesn't trust me, I will never trust the state. This is unacceptable. Period.

It is a plan to force all providers of communication (email, chat apps etc) to be forced to automatically scan all communications and inform authorities should something that could be related to child sexual abuse be found. See

The hope (as always) is that every opponent can be painted as pro child abuse. It is a dirty political trick to introduce complete surveillance on all digital communications.


They of course (also as always) swear high and low that this is really ONLY to be used to prevent child abuse. And that it must be done NOW. We all know what happens next. It will be used for whatever they want.

It is already quite far in the trilogue process, and so far ONLY the green party in EU Parl is opposed to it. All other parties agree this is acceptable.

So. Contact your MEP. Inform yourself. Here's a collection of arguments and information about the progress of this legislation:

In case it isn't clear: All of this thread is my very own personal opinion. As a citizen. As a father. As someone who deeply believes in democracy and transparency.

@jwildeboer Amen!
Thanks for the clear statement. Consider me a 100% supporter.

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