The concept of Free Software has nothing to do with a person. It is about user freedom. For the relevance of Free Software in the world, RMS currently plays no role, only a historical one. Call it Free Libre OpenSource Software, also known as FLOSS, it doesn't matter.

It is a big mistake to get lost in the small small of terminologies. Ask yourself what it means not what it is called.

The presence of the Free Software Movement is 1000x bigger than RMS. Don't wast your time


@tunda Absolutely. Ideas are bigger than people. But this step is big dent in the reputation of the Free Software Foundation, so IMHO they are no longer the go-to stewards of Software Freedom. We need to defend it wothout them for the foreseeable future. @polymerwitch

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Objectively, I don't think it's good that he came back either. When I heard about it, I shook my head and asked myself why the hell?

A "dent in the Free Software Foundation's reputation", that's a good description.

regards tunda

@tunda @jwildeboer @polymerwitch Thank you for getting this conversation started @polymerwitch . I am proposing a new term, "communal software". I invite everyone on this thread to share your thoughts on that here: fosstodon.org/@be/105954440909

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If you dive deep into the topic, you realize that every Free Software license is a legal hack, but still remains within the liberal property logic. This does not change by exchanging terms.

The revolutionary thing about FreeSoftware is the relationship of all parties involved.To represent this in a legal form has not yet succeeded. We are working on it.

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Unfortunately I can't express it as well as the authors of the following book. Highly recommended reading.

best regards tunda

@tunda @jwildeboer @polymerwitch Right, copyright licensing is a political tactic, nothing more. The way they have been treated as almost sacred texts I think has distracted from broader goals.

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