@jwildeboer NFTs are still there, they just linked to something that vanished.

I know, not very important distinction. And yes, this is all very popcorn-worthy! 🤣

@jwildeboer wasn't the whole point of NFTs to keep exactly this from happening? lmao

love to see how the crypto bros are gonna try and explain this one

@DangerDyke @jwildeboer the funny thing is if you read the article they do explain it

tl;dr explanation containing no techbro shit 

@DangerDyke @jwildeboer

Right so

the image isn't on the blockchain, just a link TO the image, which means if the link ever dies, your NFT is now defunct.

On top of this, due to various websites' terms of service, copyright and whatnot, even if the link is alive, they're not allowed to actually show you the image.

As for why the guy couldn't even find his token, was because the platform that sold it to him was using a new type of token that the search tool he used didn't support yet

He got the product he paid for, it's just the product is dumb and totally volatile.

@jwildeboer i can't help but laugh this quote reads like the onion

NFTs, environment 

@jwildeboer omg they literally just. they are just buying a url. this would be so funny if it wasn't so environmentally costly

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