@jwildeboer Could find the link to the forum mentioned in these screenshot, but it’s a bit saturated right now. :oscar:

@jwildeboer "...a reputable company like facebook ... " LOL. Would like to know if this hacker tried to sell the exploit and the data to fb first? And published them when they refused to pay?

@jwildeboer and yet they insist we give them our phone number, because you know, security…

@jwildeboer @galaxis Da bin ich aber froh, dass ich meinen FB Account vor ein paar Monaten gelöscht habe, und nie mit meiner aktuellen Telefonnummer versorgt habe :)

So you say facebook has 533 Mio Users? I thought they had more?

@musicmatze It's said to be about 1/5th of Facebook's users, not all.

Mind you, I'm not convinced the counting is that accurate. It lists “Africa” as a country then lists at least some African countries separately.


Honestly, I couldn't care less. I was never stupid enough to create a Facebook account for myself...

@jwildeboer What the **censored word**?!?!?!?!

I should, and I really want to delete it, I'm just forced to use it because of school >:(

@jwildeboer I don’t know how many times Facebook data’s been stolen, but I know it’s enough times that if they ever had their hard drives crash they could just ask on a hacker’s forum for all their data and get it back.

@jwildeboer Any idea if we can ever sue Facebook against nit respecting GDPR ???
As I have read, the data leaked was from 2019, so probably my data is there.
Thanks for the share

What pisses me off is that nobody holds these big techs to account. If an SME had a data leak, they would be out of business. The truth is that Facebook's users are those actually giving FB all this power. No government would dare take down FB and they know that. There would by people in the streets ... That it how sad this has all become ...

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