In times of , we have created a movement that WANTS to waste energy for fantasy coins. I am not accepting that anymore. Unfollow me, please, if you still think et al are somehow the future. They are not. is a problem, not a solution.

I started programming in a time where every bit counted and you optimised to *avoid* waste of energy. Now we are doing the opposite. But the abundance of compute power comes at a HUGE cost. One we simply cannot afford.

I personally see as digital toxic waste that cannot be recycled in any meaningful way. It has nothing to do with . If you disagree - that's your freedom. Respect mine to have a different opinion, please.

@jwildeboer I still think that the Hayekian independent currency would be a great idea, but unfortunately, we have learned the hard way, that computational difficulty is not the way how to limit amount of such currency.

@jwildeboer #Cryptocurrency != PoW

Regarding PoW Coins/Chains like Bitcoin, I see the same problems. To doom the whole crypto idea based on the problems of some isn't right if you ask me.

@jannis_vll I did explain that in my follow up comments. Decentralised consensus mechanisms are very interesting. But using "money" as the prototype vehicle fr these things is wrong IMHO. Decentralised Identity owenership for example, strikes me as far better suited.

@jwildeboer I think it's one of the easiest to implement. Since you can reward people who participate in building with money. You can't however reward them with extra identities. If you look into blockchains with smart contracts, they could provide decentralized identities, but to keep people interested in hosting part of the decentralized chain, it's far easier to build upon a "money" chain IMHO.

@jannis_vll identity ownership is in IMHO a fundamental human right, not a business. So bringing money into the game is not my goal. At all.

@jwildeboer I 100% agree. Running infrastructure isn't free however, I believe in paying with money rather than with my data. Of course a model run by volunteers or based on crowdfunding etc. would be a better solutions than paying (not everyone is able to pay for this).
As a start, sponsoring the fees (which at least on ether only occur when changing data not when looking at it) or even taking some money would be "normal" since (sadly) id documents aren't exactly free at the moment. 1/2

@jwildeboer this could make it possible to hit the floor running with your id idea rather than starting from scratch.

Side note: privacy is a real problem in my opinion since everyone could see every id this way.

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